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Poeticification is the process of taking difficult situations to abstract revelations, to move beyond the obstacle and pitfalls we all come into contact with. But we’re not bound by every negative sound and the mountains that seem to look like walls. But we press past the darkness, which seem to be a prerequisite to failure and defeat.

We rise through knowledge imparted by others, sometime friends, community and others. We merge from obscurity, finding hope to help us cope with thoughts, sometimes not our own. We find strength in the counsel and helping hands of our fellow man. Living with dark thoughts can impart mass destruction if there are no checks and bounds to keep those demons from the prowl.

It is through words of life that keeps humanity all right. Sometimes people just need to talk about their aliments to remove all contaminates. Sometimes our minds are poisoned over time through abuse and misuse. There many cries and the people ask the reason why? Sometimes they die without questions being answered. We must hear the cries of the hurting and make a difference in their lives.

It is through poeticification that I’ve overcome many battles with the dark side. I now realize the cries for help. Using my past experience and a guiding light, I now recognize the fight. If we unite to fight this unseen enemy of the mind, we can take off the blinders and no longer have to wonder what the struggles are. We can assess the issues and bless those individuals who are seeking help for a better day.

Sometimes it helps to even pray. Let each and every day be a new beginning for those whom have found a new way to say, “I shall overcome”. No mountain is too big to climb, no valley to low to come out of, and no obstacle that we cannot be overcome with the help of others. POETICIFICATION.

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