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Program Objectives

Our goal is to educate, motivate, and transform boys & men and their families by offering training within their communities, schools, and institutions. We expect to serve as many as 100-200 families throughout the calendar year. We assess our programs throughout the year with surveys and assessments that measure our reach within the veteran communities.
The objectives of the programs are as follows:

  • Objective 1: 100% of the boys & men and families enrolled in our programs will receive financial literacy training and completion.
  • Objective 2: 100% of the boys & men and families enrolled in our programs will receive health and wellness training and completion.
  • Objective 3: The National Boys & men Chamber of Commerce will improve boys & men’ academic/educational progress during the calendar year.
  • Objective 4: 100% of boys & men and their families will be transformed into the community as leaders and conduits for change agents in the community.

The end result will be to equip them with the necessary tools to achieve any goals that they set for themselves, with the assistance of our organization as a referral source and with our community collaborations such as: College, Workforce, Entrepreneurship, and Meaningful and Gainful employment Opportunities. Our group has a direct social responsibility to the community, not only the veteran community but their peers, their school, as well as their family. Our leaders schedule visits to communicate with boys & men, and other support staff to assist them in whatever needs they may have during the year.

We will provide services to foster independence, health, wellness, and financial stability that support boys & men and their families with a goal to reach their surrounding communities as well.

The Need for Mentorship Programs is Increasing

Specifically, after participating in mentoring programs, several youths have reported stability and improvements. Unfortunately, the demand for mentors far exceeds the supply. There is an increasingly high demand for quality, long-term youth and adult mentoring programs.

Megas Adelphos is different than any other mentoring program out there because the founder and CEO has 30+ years in the penal system of mentoring men, boys and those with mental health challenges. Megas Adelphos is not a cookie cutter style mentoring program- it is different than any other mentoring program.

Each individual participant is unique, and we develop a specific strategy on a case by case basis according to need. This is part of process in achieving the for long term success. Upon customizing each plan according to the individual need the participant feels a sense of hope from the start. They are part of the development process for setting future goals.

Megas Adolphus also provides in-house and community training to reach beyond the inside structure of the Megas Adolphos organization. The purpose for community interaction is to teach seminars that will advance and build up members of the community as well as individuals on a intellectual, academical, and emotional level. The process moves and inspires individuals from being stagnated into a place of being proactive about their own individual goals and growth.

As an author, poet, and lyricist the CEO is able to mentor people on an emotional level. His passion for transforming lives is evident from the proven impact and indelible track record he has of transforming and changing lives through training and through revelatoryal teaching.

The CEO is able to help people connect to their identity and true destiny. This will allow people to use skills taught through Megas Adelphos Mentoring Program to make calculated decisions.

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