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Megas Adelphos Mentoring Program

Description of the program

Megas Adelphos is dedicated and passionate about supporting and providing wrap-around services for low-income, boys & men and their families who are transitioning back into society. We do not discriminate, and will serve the boys & men and their families with effective resources, programs, and creative training so that they will feel comfortable transitioning to workforce or college. Our programs seek to assist boys & men who require help with resources to remain stable, and become empowered to be self-sufficient.
Our programs will provide boys & men and their families with mentoring, counseling, healthcare, wellness, educational, and financial resources to manage their lifestyle. Boys & men and their families will be able to receive help in mentoring, counseling, employment opportunities, health, wellness, and educational training to foster independence. Our program leaders will volunteer their time, efforts, expertise in helping boys & men and their families with services that are not accessible to them.

Needs to be met:
We plan to establish strong relationships so that the boys & men can duplicate the program to help other boys & men.

How many served:
Our program seeks to serve from 100-200 boys & men throughout the calendar year.

Proposed method of service:
Mentoring will take place at the training center.

Mentors and participant will meet 2 Times a week to provide training and supervision.
Timeline of Participation (6 Months- 1 Year)

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