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Volunteer Applications

Megas Adelphos is seeking volunteers to assist us with mentoring, tutoring, life skills training, and other educational components of our program. We are currently seeking the following volunteers for our program:

  • Teachers for Stages of Manhood
  • Coordinators- How to Live a Disciplined Lifestyle
  • Mentors to assist with Walking with Boys and Men
  • Poetification: Teachers with training in healing through poetry writing and journaling
  • Volunteers for events, social media, and videography.
  • Financial consultants
  • Counselors & Instructors for Recovery classes
  • Health & Physical Fitness coaches
  • Tutors & activity coordinators

The areas above require volunteers who are qualified to be in direct contact with youth and must complete the following requirements prior to being considered as a volunteer in the Megas Adelphos program.

  • Complete a BCI/Background Criminal Investigation review, and Child Abuse Center Index Check.
  • CPR/ First-Aid training including (epi-pen/medical equipment, & communicable diseases)
  • Provide documentation of prior training, certificates, validating qualification to work with youth within 30 days of volunteering to work with youth.

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